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Hoem Remodeling in Miami:

A couple with two young children purchased a waterfront Miami home and wanted to make it their own. While they didn’t have the time for a lengthy remodeling project, they still wanted to find ways to personalize it as much as they could.

Our first step was identifying the default aspects and characteristics of the space.

The house came with a substantially sized kitchen, however it was dark without a view of the bay. Our client emphasized the importance of a warm and inviting kitchen space for their family, as they love spending lots of time in the kitchen and even take their meals within it. Our solution was to open up the wall. Inspired by Parisian workshops, we installed a glass wall to separate the space between the kitchen and family room, which allowed both light to enter the kitchen and grant it a view of the bay. The same glass wall was used again, creating a partition within the oversized kitchen that would give way to a children’s playroom. This partition would allow our client’s children to play freely about a room of their own while still within an eyeshot to keep an eye on them while cooking or entertaining in the kitchen.


Our vision for the home was to create a hybrid of French and Miami style, a link between the two cultures which made up the family. This vision guided our choices in selecting materials, from the “verrières,” cement tiles inspired by the Parisian “atelier,” to the bright colors so famously found in Miami, embodied by the pink wall in the kitchen. The furniture is colorful, staying complementary to the Miami aesthetic and keeping the kitchen cheerful. The different spaces within the room are delineated by the various materials on the floor, but also by the Petite Friture Vertigo lamp used as a canopy above the dining table.


In the family room, HOEM founder Emmanuelle B. designed a custom bookshelf inspired by French mid-century-modern in order to breathe life into the wall where the large TV screen hanged. It was important for us to keep it very light so as not to be more visually imposing than the beautiful view and to balance the large couch. The wood shelves look like they’re only supported by the brass tubes. We decided to paint the wall blue to highlight the wood and brass materials and maintain a laid-back waterfront atmosphere.


Featured in the home’s entrance is La Chance Paris’ Borghese Sofa, a stunning sofa inspired by pine trees, that welcomes visitors and maintains a link with nature.

In the center of the home, facing the gorgeous Biscayne Bay, are the formal living and dining space. A mix of family furniture from generations past and contemporary design furnish them. We selected the La Chance X-Ray couch for the living room because it looks truly amazing from every side. Within the layout of the home, the back of the couch faces the foyer, so it was important to have this graphic, light and colorful structure to face outward and welcome guests. The impressive 6 arm ceiling light from Serge Mouille hangs delicately above the Le Corbusier dining table.We choose to keep the walls simple in order to highlight our client’s beautiful art collection.


In the bedrooms, we used graphic wallpaper to give a unique personality to each room.


We carried this theme into the master bathroom, where we surround a vintage freestanding tub with cement tiles for their softness and colorful pattern. And to ensure an ambiance of warmth and coziness, the bathroom was finished off with just a wood shelf paired with some graphic artwork and photos.


The outdoor patio underwent a complete renovation, including the pool, which was rebuilt on one side to create a larger terrace. Similar to the kitchen, the materials define the outdoor spaces: blue cement tiles for a Mediterranean-inspired, warm and soft outdoor living room, IPE wood for a cozy boat deck inspired living and dining area, and white marble tiles to contrast with the blue mosaic of the pool.

With two young kids, a pool fence was essential. We created a wood fence to contrast with the black aluminum one. The clean lines of the IPE wood bring an elegant touch to the fence. The patio was furnished by colorful selection of pieces from Fermob's collection, which are all made of aluminum (the best guarantee for long lasting furniture in Florida!)

Et voila!