Petite Friture Parrot Large

Petite Friture

Large version of the Parrot table by Petite Friture.



Mini Birdcage lamp

Mathieu Challieres

The unique birdcage line in a form of a mini lamp.

12" H x 6" DIA


Mediterranea Floor Lamp

Petite Friture

An inspirational lighting design in brushed brass and LED.

L: 54 W: 33 H:120 cm


Salute Side Table High

La Chance

Design By Sebastian Herkner

22.4" H x 16.1"⌀ total x 12.6" ⌀ column


Ottoman Leo

Maison Sarah Lavoine

Velvet timeless ottoman

ø 16.5in x H 17in


La Chance Zorro

La Chance

A minimalist yet graphical coffee table by La Chance.

L;31xW;42 in


Salute Side Table Low

La Chance

Salute Side Table Low. Design by Sebastian Herkner.

13" H, 28.4" ⌀ total, 9.8" ⌀ column


Borghese Coffee Table

La Chance

Borghese Coffee Table.

54.72" L x 25.19"W x 13.78" H


Ronin Chair

La Chance

Ronin Chair with marble backrest.

27.2" H x 24.4"W x 18.1"D


La Chance Mewoma

La Chance

Mewoma by La Chance is a sculptural table where marble, wood and metal meet.

H29" diameter 59"


Tembo Low Stool

La Chance

Tembo Stool with Cork Seat. Designer: Note Design Studio

Low Stool: 48cm H x 36cm ⌀ // 18.9" H x 14.2" ⌀


Tembo High Stool

La Chance

Tembo Stool High with Cork Seat. Note Design Studio

76cm H x 36cm ⌀ // 30" H x 14.2" ⌀


Iso A Table

Petite Friture

Round Nesting Table. Indoor/Outdoor. Design by POOL

18.5 in Ø x 17.7 in H


Hollo Stool

Petite Friture

A modern yet industrial seat or side table

14" DIA x 17.5" H


Nubilo Armchair

Petite Friture

A chair meant to be on cloud 9

30.5" x 27.5" x 25.5" (L x W x H)


Elementary Chair Colette

Les Gambettes

Beech plywood and steel base. Seat height: 14 inches. Suitable for 6 years old and over.


Les Gambettes High chair suzie

Les Gambettes

Retro High Chair 30in


Les Gambettes

Les Gambettes

Retro Formica Chair


Hollo Bistro Table

Petite Friture

A modern yet industrial centerpiece to a room

20" DIA x 29 H


Cherry Pendant Lamp

Petite Friture

Large cherry pendant lamp by Petite Friture.

Ø:20" H: 14"


Petite Friture Weekend Armchair

Petite Friture

The Week-end is the outdoor furniture collection by Petite Friture. The Week-end Bridge is available in 5 colors.

L:25; W:24; H:30;


GTV Bodystuhl

Gebruder Thonet Vienna

A sinuous and timeless piece

31.5" x 23" x 22"


Lucien Stool


Harto Lucien Stool in Yellow Lacquered Finish. Design by Guillaume Delvigne

15.7" W x 11.8" D x 29.5" H


Celeste Table


Celeste Dining Room Table. Designed by Roman Pin & Pauline Gilain

70.8 in L x 39.4 in W x 29.5 in H


Harto Bar Stool Gustave Oak


High stool designed by Charles Seuleusian



Harto Bench Gustave


Gustave is a compact bench that can welcome two people on its solid oak seat.

L34.25" D12.6" L17.72"


Simone Bookcase


Harto Simone Bookcase in Faded Blue. Design by Pierre-Francois

63" L x 13.7" W x 36.2" H


Luxembourg Side Bar


The Luxembourg trolley bar from Fermob.

36" W x 19" L x 26" H


Fermob Sixties Bench


The sixties are back and more comfortable than ever! Take a seat!

46.5" L x 25" W x 28.25" H


Luxembourg Side Chair


Design by Frédéric Sofia. Made in France by Fermob.

20.5" W X 22.4" D X 34.6" H Seat Height: 19"


Fermob Bellevie Low Armchair Deep Blue


Fermob’s Bellevie Low Armchair is cool and comfortable, it makes a stylish lounge chair indoors as well as out.


Honore Desk


Honore White Desk. Design by Pierre-François Dubois. Tray to hide wires

55" L x 27.5" W x 28.7" H


Coffee Table Tokyo

Maison Sarah Lavoine

The tables of this collection are produced in Paris, by a French craftsman. They are made of raw sheet of black steel, selected one by one. This living material can show natural irregularities that emphasizes the uniqueness of this work. The tables should present welding points in order to ensure the strength of the structure.

59 x 27.6 x 15.75


Jane Rug


Harto Jane Rug. Designed by Pauline Gilain. Hand Tufted with New Zealand Wool. Made in India

86.6 in L x 70.8 in W


Harto Coffee Table Eugenie 90cm


Minimalistic and simply beautiful

H15" top tray diameter 35"


Colette Expandable Coffee table


Expandable Coffee Table in Light Blue

(27.5 in – 39.4 in) L x 25.2 in W x 15in H


Harto Marius tall chest of drawers


With the tall dresser Marius, Pierre-François Dubois signed a new creation for HARTÔ. Its curves recall the shape of a ship’s hull

L19.7" H51.2" D15.75"


Harto Secretary Desk Hyppolite Walnut


Its small size and its geometric shape enables Hyppolite to fit everywhere! Its three drawers, can host all your papers and documents to work on a clean desk. Hyppolite has been creLire la suite.

L21" W47" H35"


Marius sideboard


The natural oak Marius sideboard from Harto.

W61" x D18" x H26"


Harto Anatole Side Table


Side table Anatole - full blue/grey by Amandine Chhor & Aïssa Logerot

H19.68" Top tray 15.75"


Gabin Sideboard


The light grey Gabin Sideboard from Harto.

W64" x D18" x H19"


Eugenie low table


The Eugiene low coffee table from Harto

Top Table Ø28", Bottom table Ø24" x H22"


Paula Chair


Wooden Paula chair from Harto

W16" x D18" x H17"


Floor Lamp Birdcage

Mathieu Challieres

In an aviary style, each colorful bird is adorned with real feathers.

57" x 13" DIA


Pendant Lamp Small Birdcage Mathieu Challieres

Mathieu Challieres

Showcases a magical birdcage, perfect for accenting any home.

13" x 18"


Table Birdcage Lamp

Mathieu Challieres

In an aviary style, each colorful bird is adorned with real feathers.

20" x 15" DIA


Voliere Birdcage Pendant Lamp

Mathieu Challieres

La Volière Pendant Lamp is completely unique and would make an enchanting addition to any home.

25" diameter x 12"


Coffee Table in Matte Marble & Wood


The subtle beauty of the matte Marquina marble and black wood allows for the true texture.

55" x 33.5" x 16.5"


Dining Table Gunmetal,Matte Glass and Wood


The Pont Neuf Table by Rodolfo Dordoni gives a minimalist approach to elevate the tone of your space.

90.5" x 39.5" x 28.75"


Baby Alpaga - Bedside Cabinet


Available of Gold, Electric Blue, Sparkling Green, Deep Purple made in HPL and viscose.

28.35 x 16 x 10.63


Horace Wall Shelf Chamois


High-pressure Laminate in matte black finish.

52.37 x 40.55 x 22.44


Joe Bookshelf


Bookshelf made of high-pressure laminate available in a brushed black or bright red finish.

61" x 81"x 33.8"


Diva Wall Console


This quirky design will create a statement in any home, ideal for use in a hallway or a bedroom.

30" x 28" x 9.8"


La Chance Rocky

La Chance

Rocky by La Chance is a sculptural piece with storage function. Available in 4 colors.

55" L x 14" W x 37" H


La Chance Bolt

La Chance

Design Award 2013 winner Bolt stool by La Chance. Available in different color combinations.

17.7" W x 16" H


Taprigi Rug

La Chance

Tapigri Rug. 100% wool.

79" L x 119" W


X-Ray Couch

La Chance

X-Ray Leather Couch. Design by Alain Gilles. Made in France.

99.6" L x 35.8" W x 31.5" H


Salute Side Table Medium

La Chance

Salute Side Table Medium. Design by Sebastian Herkner

16½" H x 15¾" ⌀ total x 7" ⌀ column


La Chance Borghese Sofa

La Chance

A sofa that goes out on a limb.

74" L x 32.7" W x 33.5" H


Targa Lounge Chair

Gebruder Thonet Vienna

An intimate, secluded, yet unconventional armchair by Gebruder Thonet Vienna

30" x 37" x 33"


Petite Gigue Chair


3 legged chair. 100% wood. Design by Francois Azambourg.

15" x 27 ½" x14 ½" (w x h x d)


Cirque Stool w backrest - two tones

Gebruder Thonet Vienna

Beautiful bent wood barstool, inspired by the circus accessories of our chilhood.

H 31" x W 17" x L 17"


Bold Chair


Bold Chair by Big-Game and Moustache.

15.3" x 30.5" x 20.9" ( w x h x d )


Two-tone Chair Wiener Stuhl

Gebruder Thonet Vienna

An elegant classic with a two-tone twist by Gebrueder Thonet Vienna (GTV Design)

31.5" x 21" x 22.5"


Single curve barstool

Gebruder Thonet Vienna

Bent beech-wood barstool with brass covered footrest.

34" x 21" x 16.5"


Hideout Lounge Chair

Gebruder Thonet Vienna

Sophistication meets privacy in this Hideout lounge chair by Front for GTV Design



Harto Harto Wall Secretary desk Gaston


Gaston in walnut.

60"W 31.5"D 72"H


Tiger Large Rug


Designed by Dylan Martorell. Hand tufted. 100% wool

94 ½" x 49 ¼" (l x w)


Petite Friture Weekend Bridge Armchair

Petite Friture

The Week-end is the outdoor furniture collection by Petite Friture. The Week-end Bridge is available in 5 colors.

22.4" L x 19.6" W x 30" H Seat height: 17.7"


Marius dresser


The light grey Marius dresser by Harto

W39" x D16" x H35"


Harto Metal Rosalie Chair.


Harto Metal Rosalie Chair.

15.7" D x 18.1"H x 16.5" W


Harto Desk Victor


Its small width but large depth enable Victor to fit everywhere while offering a very comfortable space to work. Its two large drawers will host all your documents.



Petite Friture Week-end Chair

Petite Friture

The Week-end is the outdoor furniture collection by Petite Friture. The Week-end Chair is available in 5 colors.

20" L x 19" W x 30" H Seat height: 17.7 in.


Nubilo Sofa

Petite Friture

A sofa meant to be on cloud 9.

61" L x 29.5" W x 25.5" H Seated: 15.75"


Petite Friture Vertigo Lamp Large Pendant Lamp

Petite Friture

Vertigo Lamp Shade Large Designed by Constance Guisset.

78.7" Ø x 6.7" H