The Gambettes exclusively offers furniture in the 50s-70s design that brings back to date the mix of wood, metal and the key material of the 50s: Le Formica.


From the making to the finishing, every single product is taken care by meticulous craftsmen who are concerned by the quality and the details. The furniture are made in France and in Europe and meet to the FSC standards in order to prove to our customers wood is from sustainably managed forests. 100% RETRO DESIGN Les Gambettes proposes a retro design furniture from the 50’s-70’s by introducing the mix of different materials: steel, wood and the famous one from the 50’s: the Formica.

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Emmanuelle Bernard, Owner of Hoem.

When I first saw Gambettes’ product at a convention in Paris, I was blown away by the uniqueness of the 50s throwback. I had to sell this brand in my store.

Les Gambettes04


Elementary Chair Colette

Les Gambettes

Beech plywood and steel base. Seat height: 14 inches. Suitable for 6 years old and over.


Elementary Desk Romy

Les Gambettes

Beech Plywood and Steel Base.

35.5in x 21.5in x 26.2in


Les Gambettes

Les Gambettes

Retro Formica Chair


Les Gambettes High chair suzie

Les Gambettes

Retro High Chair 30in