Coedition is pursuing its role as an editor of modern and creative French furniture by expanding its collections to include exceptional new products designed by Patricia Urquiola, Patrick Jouin, Michael Anastassiades, Aki et Arnaud Cooren, Marco Zanuso Jr, Alain Moatti, Rodolfo Dordoni, Shin Azumi , Victoria Wilmotte et Olivier Gagnère. The high-quality collections are the result of exhaustive research, meticulous and diligent development and technical innovations refined by the designers and the distributor. This ensures that each object is different and unique and born out of a passion for design. In 2014, Coedition completed two major projects: the new Tour Eiffel chair, designed by architect Alain Moatti for the Gustave Eiffel Pavilion, available from its collections, and the Nouvelle Génération chair, for the reading rooms of the French National Library, created by Dominique Perrault Architecture & Associés (DPA).

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Coffee Table in Matte Marble & Wood


The subtle beauty of the matte Marquina marble and black wood allows for the true texture.

55" x 33.5" x 16.5"


Dining Table Gunmetal,Matte Glass and Wood


The Pont Neuf Table by Rodolfo Dordoni gives a minimalist approach to elevate the tone of your space.

90.5" x 39.5" x 28.75"